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It refers to the hot-rolled steel in the coil state produced by the Hot Strip Mill, and hot-rolled steel plates.
POSCO uses state-of-the-art equipment and technology to make its products, and to make products that meet customers’ quality requirements, the company controls all processes with computers, and has fully automated systems that can improve precision and quality characteristics.

For structures

POSCO produces steel for general structures and steel for welded structures. It is used in steel structures, bridges, ships and vehicles.

– JIS : SS330, SS400, SS490, SS540, SM400A/B/C, SM490A/B/C, SM400YA/YB, SM520B/C, SM570
– ASTM : A36, A283, A570
– BS : BS1449 PART1 50/35HR, HS, BS4360 43A/B/C, 50B/C
– DIN : DIN17100 ST22, ST33, ST37-2, ST52-3, RST37-2

For automobile structural uses

This high-strength steel plate has excellent drawing and weldability. It is used in the frames and wheel disks of automobiles.

– JIS : SAPH310/370/400/440, SPFH540/590
– ASTM : A715-40/45/50/55/60/65/70/80

High-carbon steel

It is carbon steel for general machine structures, alloy steel and tool steel. It goes through the cold rolling and QT heat treatment process, and used in various machine parts.

– JIS : S35C-S55C, SK60~120, SCM415~440
– SAE : SAE1010~1078
– DIN : 50CR V4, 75CR 1

It is a high-end steel product with a beautiful surface and excellent workability. As the quality of consumption improves day after day, it is an essential material for modern society.
It is used in home appliances like automobiles, washing machines and refrigerators, and industrial machines and various building materials, and as new demands, such as steel cans and steel houses, are continuously being created, the demands for high-value-added products are also increasing.

Cold-rolled steel

It is used for general purposes. It is used for making refrigerator doors, drums and furniture, and the roofs, fenders, hoods, quarters, oil pans and Spring Houses.

– ASTM : A366-91, A619, A620

For tin-plated cold-rolled steel

BP (Black Plate) is made through cold-rolling and heat treatment of HR materials. It is used for tin-plated steel plates.


The surface of cold-rolled coils is cleaned and annealed, and they are dipped in a molten zinc plating bath to plate the surface with a zinc film. This product is used in automobiles, electric facilities, civil engineering and construction, and has excellent corrosion resistance, formability and paintability.


GI zinc-plates cold-rolled coils, and GI(H) zinc-plates hot-rolled coils. As post-plating is possible, it has excellent corrosion resistance, and stable coating adhesion and excellent economic feasibility. It is used in various industries and for various uses.


GA zinc-plates cold-rolled coils, and GA(H) zinc-plates hot-rolled coils. The surface layer in contact with the plating layer and the plating layer becomes an alloy through heat treatment. So this plated product has 9-13% iron. As it has higher weldability than other plated products, it is mostly used in automobiles.


PosMAC is short for POSCO Magnesium Aluminum alloy Coating Product. It is a ternary Zn-Mg-Al high-corrosion-resistant alloy-plated steel plate, which was developed with POSCO’s own technology. It has 5-10 times higher corrosion resistance than the general molten zinc-plated steel plate (GI and GI(H)) with the same amount of plating, and it also has excellent sharing surface corrosion resistance.

– PosMAC1.5: Zn-1.5%Mg-1.5%Al (For automobiles and home appliances)
– PosMAC3.0: Zn-3.0%Mg-2.5%Al (For building materials)

It is produced with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, and Pure-Zn and Zn-Ni are the end products. These products have excellent paintability, corrosion resistance, weldability and workability. They are widely used in automobiles and home appliances, and are recently becoming very popular as materials for building interior and metal furniture. As they are post-treated, such as with phosphate or anti-fingerprint attributes, they are frequently used in home appliances and automobiles.

Phosphoric acid materials

Cold-rolled coils are zinc-plated for corrosion resistance and paintability. They are used for color coating and painting, and used as a material for color steel plates, home appliances/furniture, VCM, powder coating and painting.

Fingerprint-resistant steel plates

This product is post-treated to prevent fouling by fingerprints, etc. during processing and handling. This functional steel plate has excellent corrosion resistance, paintability and workability.

It is used in video appliances, QA devices, audio devices and computers.

Steel plates for fuel tanks

This steel plate is used in the fuel tanks of automobiles. As it is plated with corrosion-resistant Zn-Ni and Pure Zn and coated with resin, it has excellent corrosion resistance and fuel resistance.

It is used in the body and partitions of the fuel tanks of automobiles.

This product has excellent electromagnetic properties. As the need for clean energy is recently being reinforced for the sake of energy conservation and prevention of environmental pollution, the demands for the product are increasing. Depending on the rolling direction, it is divided into the oriented electrical sheet and the non-oriented electrical sheet. It is mostly used as the material for the coils of electric/electronic products.

Non-oriented electrical sheets

A uniform magnetic property appears in the rolling direction and other directions. It is widely used in the cores of rotating machines ranging from large generators to small precision motors, and it has good properties for small transformers as well.

This special steel has a beautiful surface and excellent corrosion resistance. It is a high-value-added steel product that can be used in various applications without any separate treatment.
It is mostly used in the exhaust system of automobiles, kitchenware, electronic products and building materials, and in particular, as it is recently being used in environmentally-friendly industries, such as electric vehicle battery cases and LNG storage tanks, it is attracting a lot of attention.

Austenitic series

The Austenitic series is a steel grade including chrome and nickel. In general. as it has excellent formability, weldability and corrosion resistance, it is the most universally used stainless steel. The representative steel grade is 304, and special-purpose steel grades, e.g. 316L, 321 and 304J1, were developed by adding alloying elements like Mo, Ti and Cu. It is mainly used in kitchen utensils, building materials and chemical equipment.

– Key steel grades: 301, 304(L), 304J1, 321, 316(L), etc.

Ferritic series

The Ferritic series is a steel grade whose main alloying element is chrome. As it has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, and excellent corrosion resistance, it is mostly used in exhaust systems and home appliances. The representative steel grade is 430, and special-purpose steel grades, e.g. 409L, 430J1L and 444 by adding alloying elements like Ti, Nb and Mo.

– Key steel grades: 409L, 430, 430J1L, 439, 444, etc.

Martensitic series

The Martensitic series usually includes 12%Cr, and as it has more carbon contents than others, it is possible to secure a high level of hardness through quenching heat treatment. It is used in flatware and disc brakes.

– Key steel grades: 410, 420J1, 420N, etc

Duplex series

The Duplex series has a structure in which Austenitic and Ferritic steel are mixed. It has high strength and high corrosion resistance. It is mainly used in water tanks and industrial machines like desalinization facilities.

– Key steel grades: 329J3L, 329LD, etc.

The heat resistance of ALCOSTA is excellent compared to that of zinc-coated steel sheet, galvannealed steel sheet, and cold-rolled steel sheet. Absolutely no changes in appearance and discoloration are observed even under extended exposure to the temperature of 400 C. At temperatures higher than 400 the coating material transforms to aluminum-iron alloy layer so that heat resistance and corrosion resistance are preserved even if discoloration occurs. The coating maintains its sacrificial properties up to the temperature of approximately 600C.

The different paint can provide different final products specifications. Polyester resin paint can be applied to the various applications such as construction and home appliance usages.

Fluoride resin painted steel has ultra excellent durability (corrosion resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance) than any other painted products and widely used in the area of coastal area and chemical industrial area.  There’s more painted products in our offer.

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