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POSCO-PWPC Social Responsibility

The POSCO Group’s management is based on the philosophy “Corporate Citizenship: Building a better future together” according to which we engage in dialogue and cooperation with all stakeholders including employees, customers, suppliers and the local community. Its elements, based on the ESG concept, are embedded in our strategy and business model.

By implementing ESG assumptions, we promote a responsible and sustainable approach to running a business and implement activities to integrate social, ecological and economic aspects.

In addition, we promote environmentally friendly solutions, support the development of local communities and continuously improve our corporate governance. On our way to achieving sustainability, we constantly strive for change and innovation thus building the long-term value of our company. We also have appropriate policies and continuously implement procedures and mechanisms that integrate ethical, social, environmental and governance issues in our operations.

We draw inspiration from good practice as described in international conventions, protocols, codes of conduct and sustainability guidelines. As part of our charitable activities, we actively engage with the local community on an ongoing basis to monitor its needs and challenges.



Activities we support:

  • Activities for employees and stakeholders
  • Activities for ecology and afforestation of green spaces
  • Activities for the integration of disabled people
  • Activities supporting the development of local communities and communities
  • Social assistance activities for disabled people